Taizhou wangbo Electric co., the southeastern coastal Zhejiang middle of the gold coast, 30 miles from Wenzhou airport, the airport is 60 km bridge, close to the 104 line, 2 km from Yuhuan Coastal Expressway,the traffic is convenient.
     I plant was established in 1982, has a history of over 20 years, has more than 40 varieties of product specifications, It is a professional manufacturer of various export water pumps and water supply and drainage equipment. Our main products are: QB60 and other clean water pumps, CPM158 and other centrifugal pumps, WGZ pipeline booster pump, jet, and machine tools, cooling pump (three-phase pump), the self-priming pump, JET single jet pump, twin jet pump DP (dual-well), Vibrator, wetlands and other fan screens. Enterprise-class technology. Production and testing system with a complete set of tools. Enterprises rely on the scientific management, drawing and the introduction of advanced technology. Enterprise-oriented brand image, constantly developing new products and improving product quality, the best product to market.
     Taizhou wangbo Electric co.,Ltd. has implemented the "customers first, the supremacy of quality" management, products for "quality, efficiency, development," constantly being refined and updated; Based on the present, and look into the future, will be governed by strict management, I believe that the quality and integrity of service, and write a new chapter in the pump industry. You will continue to be market-oriented to quality survival, reputation and development. A realistic, comprehensive advanced quality management, production and marketing.
     You believe in "quality first, to the letter" as the theme of the new century, we will continue to reform and innovation, to develop the market, I sincerely thank all staff works new and old clients to the community's support and help the factory, and our foreign counterparts and establish permanent cooperation and Poon plans.
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